Een eindeloos gevoel van zoete smeerbaarheid

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  • Nee.
  • de 14e.
  • I don't know where teh |_|p|40d c0edZ are
  • Misschien.
  • Bemoei je met je eigen zaken, eikel!
  • Misschien.
  • Dat ben je al!
  • Go to the screen with the Bamboo forest and Enter it. You need your manual to maneuver through the forest, The song about Nontoonyt Nectarines. for every word that starts with N,S,E,W, go north, south, east, or west. When it says you get thirsty, DRINK the WATER. When you get through the maze, Go north and DRINK WATER from the stream, now, REMOVE your PANTYHOSE, TIE your PANTYHOSE TO the ROCK near the edge. You should now be at the bottom of the cliff. GET some LEAVES. CLIMB the TREE, GET COCONUTS, CLIMB DOWN the TREE. MAKE a ROPE. LASSO the ROCK on the other side of the fault. TIE the ROPE to the TREE. RIP your SKIRT to make a safety harness. CROSS the ROPE. now you should be across the chasm.
  • Misschien.
  • Volgens mij in E mineur.
  • Jawel, maar niet nu.
  • In de wasmachine.
  • Is lunchen.
  • Read the f*&^$%@# manual!
  • Omdat ik een toetsenbord in de ijskast heb liggen.
  • Geen idee.

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